REVIEW: Accurascale PTA/JTA+JUA Bogie Tippler Wagons

The latest offering from Accurascale is now available and pre-orders have been shipped to customers. There are currently a very limited number available for sale, due to high demand so be quick if you want these.

The Prototype

The model and livery depicted here represtents the second batch of wagons produced. They feature strengthened ribbing, horizontal end ribbing and BSC Axle Motion bogies. The numbers and markings on these wagons represent vehicles which entered service between Redcar and Consett. With the closure of Consett in 1981, the wagons worked between Ravenscraig and various loading points in the north such as Thrislington, Hunterston and Hardendale. Although, after the closure of Ravenscraig in 1992, some of the wagons were transferred to Llanwern traffic.

Wagons are discharged by passing through a rotating tippler. This requires a unique coupling which can unlock from the rest of the train during this operation. For this reason, the inner wagons have a fixed buckeye-type coupling at one end, and a rotating one at the other. Outer wagons have conventional screw link couplings at the outer end. The orange end on this livery represents the rotating coupling end, ensuring the wagons are marshalled correctly.

The Model

Each wagon pack contains five excellently represented wagons, each having unique running numbers. The packaging has a high quality feel, and opens like a book with a magnetic catch. The underframes contain a good amount of detail, and the bufferbeam pipework has been fitted already. The buck eye couplings work well and look the part, while the outer wagons have standard NEM couplings. As I’ll fit screw link couplings to the outer wagons, it’s handy that the NEM sockets can be easily removed. There are spare air pipes to add on the outer wagons as understandably, these have been omitted to allow clearance for the standard NEM couplings. One outer wagon has a battery operated flashing tail lamp. The battery is included and was easily installed under the wagon floor out of sight. A switch is located on the underside to allow the tail lamp to be turned off easily when not in use. The bogie sides have been accurately modelled, and are designed to allow for easy conversion to EM or P4 gauge.


Overall, the PTA wagons are a welcome addition to Farkham. The quality is excellent, as you’d expect from Accurascale and I’d highly recommend them. The working flashing tail lamp is a first from any ready to run manufacturer.

So what’s next Accurascale? A slab sided Polybulk? Or perhaps sets of Cartic 4’s?